The Athens Conference on European Energy Law, 30 September, 2016

The Athens Conference is the first joint initiative between the FSR Energy Law & Policy Area and the Hellenic Energy Regulation Institute.

The conference will open with a keynote speech on the future of the EU Energy Market and the major challenges ahead, followed by four sessions in which academics, institutional representatives, and key market players will consider the most pressing questions that have recently arisen in the energy sector.

Session I: The future of coal and lignite in the EU after the Paris Agreement

Following the Paris Agreement, this session will address the implications of the commitment to phase out C02 emissions. As the EU will have to further intensify its efforts, how can it mitigate the impact of decarbonisation on energy security and supply?

Session II: Energy security and transnational pipelines: can we export EU law to third countries?

The crucial debate over the Nord Stream 2 pipeline sparked several important questions as to the applicability of EU energy law to the importation of gas from third countries. This session will consider the myriad complexities of the issue.

Session III: Renewable Energy: what could, and should, happen after 2020?

This session will examine the ambitious new renewable energy directive and updated EU bio-energy sustainability policy, which the European Commission plans to introduce for the period 2020- 2030, following the Energy Union Framework Strategy.

Session IV: The future role of the DSO and its regulation

Acknowledging that there cannot be a single model for the role of the DSOs, the CEER provided guiding principles to which the DSOs should comply. But, the implications of these instructions have raised numerous questions which will be addressed in this session.

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