The first Vienna Forum on European Energy Law

The first Vienna Forum on European Energy Law took place on 8 March, 2013 in Vienna.

The forum was set up by the Energy Law & Policy Area of the Florence School of Regulation (EUI) and the Energy Community Secretariat to discuss key topical issues relating to the completion of the internal energy market. Four main issues were addressed.

The first session focused on the internal energy market, taking stock of the situation at that time and considering the possible future direction of the market. The second session looked at the role of public service obligations in an internal energy market. The third session focused on the move toward a European infrastructure market. The final session examined the security of supply and the internal energy market. 


Please see below for the full programme:


The Vienna Forum on European Energy Law


Energy Community Secretariat, Am Hof 4, 1010 Vienna, 8 March 2013

Welcome address

Dirk Buschle, Deputy Director, Energy Community Secretariat


Session 1: Completing the Internal Energy Market – where do we stand and where do we go from here?

Moderator: Dirk Buschle, Deputy Director, Energy Community Secretariat

  • The completion of the internal market and the way ahead: ACER’s view (Dennis Hesseling, Head of Gas Unit, ACER)
  • The completion of the internal market and the way ahead: an industry perspective (Hans-Peter Floren, member of the board of OMV AG, responsible for gas & power)
  • The completion of the internal market and the way ahead: the Commission’s view (Brendan Devlin, DG ENER)



Session 2: The role of Public Service Obligations in an internal energy market

Moderator: Leigh Hancher, FSR (RSCAS, EUI); Tilburg University; Allen & Overy LLP

  • How far can Member States go to derogate from the Third Package obligations and maintain price controls? (Rozeta Karova, Energy Lawyer, EnC Secretariat)
  • Do we need capacity markets? What can we expect from them? (Oliver Koch, DG ENER)
  • Some Member States’ ”hot spots” under EU State aid law in the Energy sector, from a ‘controversial’ German perspective (Christian Koenig, Center for European Integration Studies, Bonn)



Session 3: Towards a European Infrastructure Market

Moderator: Violeta Kogalniceanu, EnC Secretariat

  • Legal challenges in the Infrastructure Package: a perspective from administrative law (Olaf Daeuper, Becker Büttner Held)
  • The impact of unbundling: who can invest in what in the future? (Thomas Starlinger, Fiebinger Polak Leon & Partner and Howard Higgins, Macquarie)
  • Harmonised rules and network codes: the division of competences between European and national regulation (Benedikt Ennser, E-Control)



Session 4: The Security of Supply and the Internal Energy Market: A Roundtable Discussion 

Moderator: Adrien de Hauteclocque, Court of Justice of the European Union and FSR


Janez Kopač, Director, EnC Secretariat

Anita Orban, Ambassador for Energy Security, Ministry of Foreign Affairs‚ Republic of Hungary

Michail Gonchar, Director of Energy Programmes, Centre NOMOS, Ukraine

Kim Talus, University of Eastern Finland


  • The security of supply between geopolitics and the legal concept
  • The export of EU energy law as panacea?
  • The future of long-term contracts, including discussion of Gazprom etc.
  • The future role of transit
  • Exemptions for new infrastructure and the security of supply
  • Lessons learned in arbitration


Closing remarks

Leigh Hancher, FSR (RSCAS, EUI); Tilburg University; Allen & Overy LLP


Evening reception hosted by Gas Connect Austria GmbH together with Fiebinger Polak Leon & Partner Rechtsanwälte GmbH

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